What We Do

Up!Grade works with children who are above, below, and at grade level. We offer an array of educational programs for your child's specific needs.

Tutoring Program:

  • Individualized curriculum to fit your child's learning pace and level
  • All curriculums are based on your child's comprehensive assessment results in Math, Reading, Vocabulary, and Language Arts
  • Assessments are given continuously to check your child's learning level and pace
  • Our curriculum uses specialized computer programs, electronic textbooks, and paper-based worksheets to help your child achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time
  • Our expert teachers will work with your child until he/she understands each and every concept

Homework Help:

  • Achieve immediate academic success
  • No need to worry that your child is not completing his/her homework
  • We make sure your child clearly understands his/her school materials
  • Extra practices from our own curriculum are given to your child to solidify his/her understanding towards their school work
Up!Grade Learning Center

Language Choices:
English      中文

Taylor and Dylan:
My children started UPGRADE in September 2008 and after 2 months, both have excelled academically. My daughter... more

Writing Program (3rd-8th grade):

  • Your child will learn the four different genres of writing including DESCRIPTIVE, NARRATIVE, PERSUASIVE, and EXPOSITORY
  • Your child will improve their skills in brainstorming, drafting, organizing, refining ideas, and editing
  • Each week your child will be given small and manageable goals to improve their writing skills
  • Writing assignments and projects are given each week to improve your child's writing habits and skills
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